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USB sound module

USB sound module
1. USB sound module 
2. download sound from computer 
3. push button plays sounds 
4. 2M~32M memory 
5. High sounds quality

Reprogrammable USB Sound Module 
download the sound files from PC by mini USB 


1. Module with 28pin.

2. Can obtain different voice-stored time  by changing memory.

3. Support 2M ~32M bit SPI-FLASH.

4. Embedded voice processor in order to make good sound quality.

5. Buit-in 13Bit/DA converter and 12Bit/PWM audio processor for high-quality audio output

6. Support audio sampling rate from 6KHz to 22KHz.

7. Support DAC output and PWM output.

8. PWM output can drive 0.5W/8Ω speaker directly.

9. Support for loading WAV audio format( 8 Bit , 16Bit , mono)

10. Control mode: key control , one-line serial control, three-line serial control.

11. A variety of IO trigger ways can be setted under key control mode.

12. Download the sound  files by Mini USB with our PC software (free)

13. Operating voltage: DC5V.

14. Standby current less than 10uA

15. Strong anti-jam capability, can be used in industrious fileds

16. Equipped with WT588D VoiceChip Upper Computer Software, used conveniently.



1. Voice for anti-theft alarm,reversing radar,GPS Navigator,dongle,central Locking

2. Intelligent home system ,Home Burglar Alarm,Medical Devices

3. Household Appliance( Induction Cooker,RiceCooker,microwave oven)

4. Entertainment facilities(Gaming Console)

5. Learning Model (Early Learning Machine,Children's audiobook)

6. Intelligent Transportation equipment(Toll Station,parking lot)

7. Communications device( telephone exchange, telephone)

8. Industry control field(elevator,industrial equipment), toy and so on.

OEM & Custom design is welcome!