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  • 2.4 video business cards2.4 inch Video business card
    Item No.: CT-VC2425
    card size: 90x52x8mm
    Open brochure plays video
  • Accenture video in print 4.3 inch Accenture video in print
    Item No.: CT-VC4357
    greeting card size: 21x11.5x0.8cm
    Open card plays video
  • Delivery center 4.3 inch Delivery center
    Item No.: CT-VC4373
    card size: 21x14.8x0.8cm (portrait)
    Plays video by opening the greeting card
  • Merry Christmas 5 inch HD Merry Christmas brochure
    Item No.: CT-VC5002H
    card size: 20x10.5x0.8cm
    Open greeting card plays video
  • Cirft hard board cover video greeting cardCirft hard board cove-7 inch screen
    Item No.: CT-VC7003
    card size: A5 (21x14.8x0.8cm)
    Open card plays video
  • LSDLSD-7inch screen
    Item No.: CT-VC7014
    card size: 21x14.8x0.8cm
    2 play buttons, play by opening the card