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Video module for greeting card

Screen option: 2.4", 2.8",4.3", 4.3" touch screen, 5", 5" HD, 7", 7" touch screnn, 7" HD, 10.1"
Memory: 128M,256M,512M,1G,2G,4G
Rechargable li-ion battery
Buttons: different video play buttons, previous, next,volume+,volume-, max 10 buttons.
Speaker: Metal speaker, 1W,8ohm. 
Usb cable for video transfer and battery charge.

On/off switch or Magnetic switch (activate by opening brochure.)

Greeting card video module sample pictures:

  • 2.4" video module 2.4" video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM001 
    Magnetic switch
  • 2.4" video module with 5 buttons 2.4" video module with 5 buttons 
    Item No.: CT-VM002
    Magnetic switch switch, 5 play buttons
  • 2.8" video module 2.8" video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM009 
    on/off switch
  • 4.3" video module4.3" video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM004 
    on/off switch, 5 play buttons
  • 4.3" video module4.3" video module
    Item No.: CT-VM012 
    magnetic switch
  • 4.3" video module 4.3" video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM005 
    on/off switch
  • 4.3" touch screen video module 4.3" touch screen video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM008 
    magneitc switch
  • 4.3" video module with PIR motion sensor4.3" video module with PIR motion sensor 
    Item No.: CT-VM010 
    on/off switch
  • 5" video module5" video module
    Item No.: CT-VM011 
    magnetic switch, 3 play buttons
  • 7" video module 7" video module 
    Item No.: CT-VM006 
    on/off switch
  • 7" with motion sensor or PIR sensor 7" with motion sensor or PIR sensor 
    Item No.: CT-VM007 
    on/off switch
  • 10.1" video module10.1" video module
    Item No.: CT-VM013
    magnetic switch, 8 play buttons